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               Family law issues most often involve questions about divorce, custody and visitation of children, and division of property, money, and support payments.  We believe mediation and conciliation are the best ways to deal with divorce.  Read our introduction to mediation article. 

                In cases where a conciliatory approach is not going to work you should obtain the services of a qualified family law attorney.    Click here to email us your questions

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 CA Family Law Links

California Judicial Council Self Help Links

Families and Children   Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Support, and Adoption    
                Family Law Overview     Family Law Legal Forms

Domestic Violence   Domestic Violence          Hotlines & Other Resources      
               Domestic Violence Legal Forms

                How to Change Your Name & Legal Forms

CA Family Law Code (CA Legislature site)

 General, US & Other States Family Law Links

 Divorce Worksheet from

 Family Law Research Site  from Cornell University

 State Family Law Statutes         State Laws, Statutes & Guidelines (DivorceSource)

 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act      Uniform Premarital Agreement Act

 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act           Laws About Child Custody

 Laws About Children & Children's Rights          Laws About Adoption

General Divorce & Family Law Links - some free information & for pay materials/services

A Short Divorce Course from DivorceHelpline

DivorceNet        DivorceHelp          DivorceOnline           DivorceCentral     

DivorceInfo       DivorceSource     DivorceMagazine     DivorceSupport

Family Law Books from Nolo Press

 Family Law, Divorce, Custody and related books (

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