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CA Law Search Engine CA Codes CA Judicial Council Forms

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International Law & World Information

US Treaties Page - links to tax and other treaties & info

US Library of Congress  -   Multi-National & International Web Sites Directory

U of M US and World Statistics & Information email congress, US & world gov'ts

United Nations Home Cornell Int'l Treaty List Lib. of Cong. Intn'l Treaties
CIA World Factbook 1996 Internat'l Law Site Treaties

Code of Lipit-Ishtar, 1868 B.C.

Hammurabi's Code, 1972 B.C. The Roman Law

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

All about alternative dispute resolution ADRR.com

AAA Home Page  (download arbitration rules, forms, etc.)

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Law Journals & Reviews

CLE On-Line

ABA Law Practice Management Section

Emmanuel's Outlines

Law Books bought & sold

Commerce Clearing House

Blackstone & Cooke Rare Books

Nolo Press

US Government Printing Office

  University Law Review Project Full Text Search of Law Journals 

    Daily US and CA legal news

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Legal Forms - Tax Forms

Fed Forms Index (U of Memphis) FindLaw Forms
Federal Tax Forms & Publications US Bankruptcy Forms
US Patent & Trademark Forms US Copyright Forms & Info
US Securities Laws & Forms Passport Application Forms
Social Security Forms Voter Registration by Mail Form

Immigration & Naturalization Forms

'Lectric Law - CA Forms & More  

CA Secretary of State's Business Forms

California Tax Forms & Information

SBA Forms

Real Estate Forms

US Student Aid Forms


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Library of Congress Marvel Database FindLaw Database West's Legal Dictionary*

West Legal Directory & Lawyer Locator

Martindale- Hubbell Lawyer & Law Firm Locator

Jeff Flax's Law Resources

AZ Lawyer's Internet Guide

AZ Lawyer's Lots of Links

Practicing Law Institute

NJ LawNet's Legal Topics

WWW Virtual Law Library

CataLaw Legal Topics

Law Online

Washburn Univ. Reflaw

UpLaw Links

Virtual Law Library

Attorneys' Toolbox

Internet Guide

Katsuey's Legal Links


Heiros Gamos

AttorneyNet Links

Library of Congress

Legal Citation

Versus Law (for pay)

LegalDocs Forms (for pay)


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