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    US & CA Business Information & Government Agency Links    
US SEC web pages  -   Info for Small Business          SEC Forms     Securities Laws         
Small Business Association  - Writing a Business Plan   SBA Business Startup   Forms        Laws & Regs
US Dept. of Labor Compliance Assistance web site
CA Secretary of State  -    Starting a Business    Business Forms      CA Business Search Engine
CA Dept. of Corporations   -    Securities Filings    Consumer Complaint Forms     Other Forms                 
CA Trade & Commerce Agency  -  CA Environmental Permit Handbook
        Introduction to Business Licensing Requirements in CA
CA Environmental Protection Agency Permit Assistance Info
Business Law - Forms & More Quick Links
Security Lawyers' Deskbook - U of C
Nolo Press Small Business Encyclopedia
Chosing the Legal Structure for Your Business
Legal Forms FindLaw Business Forms FindLaw Business Center
Business Law Lounge -- lots of info at 'LectricLaw Library
eCommerce services at ValueWeb

CA Business Law Books from the ABA and Nolo Press

These books are now dated, so you should check for more recent versions at Amazon, the ABA, or Nolo websites.

 cover     cover     cover     cover     cover

The California Nonprofit Corporation Kit (with tax exempt forms, CD, binder)

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