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     Civil rights law issues most often involve questions about 'discrimination' on the basis of race, gender, ethnic or national identity, and physical disability.  This area of law can also involve issues involving property rights and rights to due process in government processes - e.g. 'takings' cases.  Other cases involve freedom of religion and 'free speech,' libel and slander.  Civil rights law is a highly specialized area of law.  You need to contact an attorney regarding any potential claims you may feel that you have or any potential defenses to a claim against you.    Click here to Email us your questions
Civil Rights Law Books
The ACLU Employees 
 & Union Members
 Rights Handbook
ADA Pocket
ABA Employer
& Employee

 ADA Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Manual for California

Civil Rights Law Free Internet Quick Links
Civil Rights & Discrimination Law Research Site   Cornell University
Civil Rights Division, US Dept. of Justice  US Dept. of Labor
Title 42 Chapter 21 Civil Rights Acts US Constitution
Equal Protection Laws        Children's Rights Laws
Historic US Sp Court Civil Rights Cases Recent US Sp Ct Civil Rights Cases
US Sp Ct Employment Discrimination Cases Employment Discrimination
Recent Appeals Courts Employment Discrimination Cases
US EEOC Regs & Guidelines - Discrimination based on gender, religion & national origin
First Amendment Rights Laws (speech, press, religion, assembly)
Fair Housing Act of 1982
CA Labor Code 1735     Prohibiting Discrimination in Public Works Employment
CA Labor Code 1102.1  Prohibiting Discrimination - Sexual Orientation
CA Labor Code 1197.5  Equal Pay for Equal Work
     Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA Links 
Americans With Disabilities Act Recent US Sp Ct Disability Cases
Recent Appeals Ct Disability Cases US Dept. of Justice ADA Info
Disability Law Research Site      Kansas State ADA Info Center
ADA Document Center ADA: "Do I have a claim?"
Yahoo ADA Housing for Persons with AIDS
Accessability Guidelines  & Figures US A & T Barriers Board - ADA info
The ARC ADA Guides & Info Architect providing ADA access info
Disability Discrimination in the Workplace - first steps in filing a claim discussed

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