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CA Probate Code   

CA law governing:   Wills and Intestate Succession at sections 7000 and after;  Trust Law is at sections 15000 and after;   the construction of Wills, Trusts and other instruments is at sections 21101 and after.

General InformationDifferences between Wills & Living Trusts (LectricLaw)     2012 Estate Planning (LawEasy)     

Crash Course in Estates, Wills, Trusts & Taxes - great web site, praised by Wall Street Journal and others.

Intro to CA Estate Planning (   


Will Form sample:  Sample Will I (LectricLaw)   

Trust Form Samples:  LectricLaw Library Irrevocable Trust   AllLaw Irrevocable Trust Form    Irrevocable Trust Form & Links    

Revocable Trust I (LectricLaw)  Revocable Trust II (LectricLaw) 

Revocation of Trust  


General Powers of Attorney:  No forms at present.

Health Care Powers of Attorney:  An Introduction, Lectric Law Library  Organ Donation, Introduction  CA Directive to Physicians by Organ Donor

Estate Planning Intake Information & Checklist (LectricLaw)


See our  US/IRS & CA Tax Law Page 


Elder Law Books from the ABA, Nolo Press & Others

These books may be outdated so check for more recent editions at the Nolo, Amazon, and publisher web sites.

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