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Elder Law Books from the ABA, Nolo Press & Others

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CA Elder Law, Nursing Home & Senior Support Quick Links

California Advocates for Nursing Home ReformCANHR lawyer referral service

California Health Advocates Resources - excellent with national & CA resource links

National Senior Law Center - federal elder law issues

ElderWeb Information Center - lots of information & health care reform info

SeniorLaw Information Center -  more information and search engine for senior law issues

CA Medical Association - including free legal forms, AMA doctor locator with medical search engine

Kansas Elder Law Network -  excellent, comprehensive site

National Association of Elder Law Attorneys' Hot Links - another great site

Elder Care Locator, locate care service providers
US Dept. of Health & Human Services  1- 800 - 677- 1116   Call Mon - Fri    9am - 8pm ET

Links to Medicaid, Medicare, Elder Care information

Medicare, Medicaid & MediCal Information

Overview of Medicare

Overview of Medicaid

Medicaid-Medicare Relationship explained

MediCal Homepage

MediCal Policy Institute

One-Stop Medicaid Information Pages

Medical Services & Organizations

CA Nurses Association

CA Medical Association (CMA)

American Medical Association (AMA)  

CA Medical Services Site

  CA Med Assoc Health Info Links 

American Medical Women's Association

Elder Sites Directory (AOA)

National Institute on Aging   

US Administration on Aging - Elder Care

Elder & Health Law Legal Research


Findlaw - Health Law

St. Louis Univ. Health Law Research Site

Medical Malpractice Law

Social Security & Retirement GSA Pages

SLU   Health Law Research Primer

SeniorLaw Estate Planning Resources

Findlaw Estate & Probate Info Pages

Bazelon Mental Health Law Center

Court TV Elder Law Center

Cornell Health Law Site    Medicare   Medicaid   Mental Health Law

Healthcare Services & Insurance Links

CA Medical Association health plan info and physician complaint procedures

CA Consumer Healthscope Homepage - evaluate health care service providers, HMOs, etc.

Health Insurance Providers Assoc. - consumer guides

Health Care Financing Administration Homepage - all about medicare, medicaid, social security, etc.

CA Elder Care Lawyers

We are in the process of adding attorney listings for the north state.   You can also use the CA State Bar Lawyer Referral Services for your county in the Yellow Pages or contact the CANHR listed above.

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